Tape mismatch between Sony and Canon

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      Alright Ive been shooting basic stuff with my Sony HC21E because its portable and easy to keep handycam for minor things. When I shoot seriously I have a Canon GL2, but Im having problems with the tapes. I cant put tapes from the GL2 to play in my Sony, and tapes from the Sony that go into GL2 are all broken up and choppy. What is causing this problem and is there anyway to fix it? It just becomes a hassle when I want to import or watch anything and I constantly have to jump between cameras.

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      usually, it’s not a good idea to mix tapes between cameras. Especially if you have used any different brands, as each brand has different lubricant for the tapes. Also, you might not get the exact same "tracking" between different cameras. Stick with a specific tape for a specific camera.


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