Tape image breaking up in Canon GL1

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      AvatarJohn Warwick

      I’ve noticed that when I replay the tape I shot through the camera (Canon GL1) it’s not that uncommon to find that the images are broken up, sometimes there are alternate black bars across the images. Also, it’s asked me to remove tape without any apparent reason. It’s happened a few times. I’m wondering what’s going on.

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      Clogged, dirty head. Needs a cleaner run thorough it, preferably the same brand as the primary tape brand you use for production. Sometimes too a poorly wound, loosely wound or otherwise too tightly wound tape will cause the GL2 to act up, give you a tape warning or otherwise raise your heart rate.

      On occasion cleaning the heads will get you back most of what you recorded, but you will often lose a lot of it as well – it’s a crap shoot on that outcome. Sorry.

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