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Taking the mystery out of HD

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    I shoot mostly symposiums, training seminars and the like, in SD, which after editing with Sony Vegas Pro 10, end up as standard DVD’s for use by the presenters.

    Recently, a client asked that I upload a number of their presentations to their Vimeo site. As the video was shot in SD (MPEG-2) for DVD use, I had to recompress the original video files to MP-4 for upload. This resulted in the format changing from 720×480 to 640×480 which my client said “looks fuzzy”.

    Vimeo will handle HD uploads as 1280×720/60p so I’m considering future shoots in HD, which I have not done before. My cameras (Sony HXR-NX70U) are able to record in a number of HD formats, wherein lies the mystery for me. The AVCHD choices include 1920×1080/ 60i or /24p or /30p and 1280×720/60p, together with a choice of 24Mbps or 17Mbps, as well as others. How to select?

    I’m looking for information that will help me understand and decide what the various HD options do, with the understanding that I still will need to produce standard DVD’s as well.


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    You can always down res with no problem. I shoot in 1920 x 1080p by 30 fps. I do a lot of internet video and usually export 720p for that. Either can be exported as SD for DVD and I usually just send the same project to Encore for that since I use adobe.

    So I record high and down res depending on the finished product.

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    I’m with WSanford, I always shoot 1080P and edit it in 720p that way if you want your footage to look like you have multiple cameras you can down size some shots and leave some full size. It works quite well. I learned that here some time ago.

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     Interesting Mr Schultz,

    You shoot in 1080p at first and then in the project setting, you decide to have a 720p project. During the editing process, some shots are downsized and others stay in HD.

    May I ask you to explain why you do that and what the final project is resulting of ?

    Thank you



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    You shoot in 1080, then in a 720 project you can scale (faux zoom) or position side to side (Faux pan) and fake different camera angles or POV, correct rule of thirds even. It adds some nice liberty with so many final outputs so willingly met with 720 res.

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    SgtWelsh, Even if you are creating for broadcast TV most stations accept 720P as it is still HD. And as WSanford said you can do a lot capturing in 1080p and resizing it to 720p. Another point is that if you are a little further back from your subject and are looking for a close up you don’t have to downsize it and you will automatically have your close-up. Play with it a little bit and see what you can think of.

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     Thank you WSanford and Mr Schultz,

    now I understand the way it works. I should try this in the future.

    Have a good day


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