Premiere Pro CS3 Playback Issues

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      I had been having trouble playing back HD footage in Premiere Pro CS3 using a Dell dekstop with 3GB memory and a mediocre video card. When playing the footage it played laggy and skippy in the preview window of CS3. After this I determined my CPU couldn’t handle the HD footage playback (my CPU was pegged at almost 100% on playback)

      I decided to buy an NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 512MB 64-bit DDR2 video card to offload the CPU being consumed by the HD footage to the GPU on the graphics card. After installing the card, I tried playing back HD footage in Premiere Pro and it still was consuming my CPU (at about 100%) and not forwarding the process to the GPU of the graphics card. The video was still laggy in playback.

      How can I forward the process of playing back HD footage in Premiere Pro to the GPU of the graphics card instead of having Premiere consume CPU to play it back? Any help you could possibly offer on this, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you .

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      I am not sure but this issue is addressed by CS5? I”m anxious to hear what others say on this…

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      what video format did you record?

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      As a current user of CS3 (until they put out 5 that is), You’re going to have to convert your video from HDV (which is what I use) or AVCHD to AVI or Quicktime. Uncompressed is best however, you run into storage issues so you’ll need some extra large capacity HDD’s. My system will push HDV in CS3 but it takes forever to load up the project (as it has to process the raw MPEG-2 video.) Where I have the real issues is in AFX as watching RAM and standard previews are a nightmare to wait for them to be processed. Now in either Prem or AFX final renders are pretty fast. Once I changed over to uncompressed AVI’s and MOV’s, there was a night and day upshift in speed when it came to previewing video.

      Now, CS5 for Premiere has the Mercury Playback Engine which either through the software (slower) or via specific NVIDIA video cards (much faster depending on GPU) will allow you system to run all of the troublesome popular HD video formats as native files with realtime on-the-fly rendered previews. Now before you start up the choir singing ‘Handel’s Messiah’ be advised; CS5 is a 64-bit program only. Your system will have to be running the non-consumer grade Win Vista, 7 or Snow Leopard in 64-bit. Also, your system must meet the RAM, CPU requirements and use one of currently only a handful of NVIDIA cards (that for PC are only the most expensive one’s) in order to get the full benefit of the MPE.

      In the meantime, you’re getting lag time because if you’re running 32-bit, you just don’t have enough RAM to push native HD video and your computer’s background processes at the same time. If you’re running 64-bit, get more RAM. Max if you can afford it. You’ll need enough to split the difference between premiere (or AFX) and your vital background systems. Having a fast GPU helps primarily when in comes to final renders with CS3 and secondarily when viewing rendered video.

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      Alex, see Composite1’s other post on this and watch the associated video, too:

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