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      I love movie soundtracks with full orchestras. They have such a rich tone. But I can’t afford to get an orchestra at my disposal. I am fairly handy with playing a synthesizer and their are some sounds that are pretty convinving. But can that full orchestra richness ever be convincingly duplicated? (I have one of the new Alesis Keyboards)

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      While the warmth of a true orchestra can never really be reached, it can come very close. Take a look at EastWest Symphonic Orchestra. It is amazing. See it and hear it at I have the silver edition and used it to orchestrate a soundtrack for a musical.

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      If you really want an orchestral sound, no sampler is able to recreate it for a film. It would be cheap as a p**n film.
      If you can’t afford an orchestra, simply put POP music that can be done in a computer.

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      The whole point was to keep an Orchestral Soundtrack, but minimize the cost. How can Pop music be compared? How would you like watching Jurassic Park with pop music?

      I am not a Videomaker. I am a film maker shooting on video. (Oxymoron, but you get it. I’m for art.)

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      I agree that many samples done in these times using samplers can sound machine like. It is not because the samples are to blame. The people recording are responsible for this. I perform all of the music I record and in layers. I don’t use a click or a metronome despite what most of my friends might think I like a natural approach to recording. I agree that it is very difficult to achieve a true depiction of an Orchestra in its full explendor but it is very close. So close that only very well trained ears could hear if it is done right. There are definite limitations though there will never be a substitute for a great orchestra with a great conductor incharge.


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      Hey castorlight,

      Most symphony orchestras have regular rehearsals. Perhaps, if you met and spoke with the conductor, he’d let you use them during one of the rehearsal times to lay down a music bed for your piece. Barter the fact that they’ll get publicity when your video is released. It’s worth a shot.

      The other option is to pick up an instrument and actually join a community symphony. Make friends, talk to the conductor, etc…

      There’s no such thing as a free lunch. If you want symphonic music that’s not royaly free synth garbage, then you’re going to have to come up with something that will get the conductor’s attention and make it worth their while. If you’re looking to have an original piece composed altogether, just pay them to do it.

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      I have no money. My movies are no budget. The only money I have is from my restaurant job and it covers living expense.

      I don’t need someone to compose. I can write for symphonic orchestra no problem. I like that rehearsal idea. I’ll see what I can do.

      I don’t make money off my films. I play them absolutely free of charge in my old high schools auditorium and advertise for it. People see a free movie. I do it just to hear them laugh at my jokes, cry at my drama, and clap everytime it says "The End".

      I just wanted to see if there was any card for my Alesis I could get that sounds almost perfect. I know it’s alot to ask, but someone has to know.

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