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      I’m having issues with audio/video syncing. It can be off or onat any point in editing. The final save for DVD or CD is a video that looks like the talent’s voice is being dubbed in another language. It appears the audio and video are processing at different speeds (?). A friend offered the suggestion that my video and audio cards might be the problem. I currently work with 2 PCs. The first is a Dell XPS 720 desktop w/Intel Core 2 Quad CPU; 2.40 GHz; 2.75 RAM; NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX (2); and Creative SB X-Fi sound card. The second is a Dell XPS M2010 Laptop with a Intel Core 2 CPU; 2.00 GHz; 3.25 GB Ram; ATI mobility Radeon X1800 video card; and a Sigma Tel High Definition Audio card. Both are running on Windows XP. Does anyone have any suggestions that will help me get my syncing issue resolved. Thanks! DR

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      what software are you using?

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      I capture in Visual Communicator, save as AVI and key green in Ultra. Both formerly Serious Magic recently aquired by Adobe. I then edit in Premiere Pro. Ultra is far superior to Premiere when keying. I always save files as AVI until final save down to put on CD/DVD. I have to use a universal format for all our clients. WMV seems to be the one everyone can access. I can take a final video that isn’t syncing, decrease the size of the viewing window, and the video will sync pretty well. That’s another reason I’m thinking it has to do with processing speeds.

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      I’m assuming that your AVI files are all perfectly synched. So the problem develops during the rendering to WMV process. I can’t see how your audio or video card would have any influence on playback (except on your computer.) The cards are only for output (you don’t capture by running AV signals into the cards.) I’m guessing you are importing via a Firewire input when you use Visual Communicator. The cards are not used anywhere in the recording & rendering process. So I’ll also assume the synch problem happens on everyone’s computers.

      So you need troubleshooting to discover the problem source. Does it occur when you render to AVI, transfer to disc and play on another computer? Or is it only happening with the WMV files? It sounds like you render directly into a WMV file, so what happens if you render to AVI then use one of the many free video conversion utilities to convert the AVI to WMV?

      But this problem really sounds like a software issue in Premiere Pro. Are you positive you’ve got the most recent codecs in place? Are you using default settings for rendering the WMV file? What happens when you customize the WMV settings? Do some troubleshooting and get back to us with the results.

      This is not a normal situation, but some troubleshooting will be able to locate where the synch issue begins. Then we can solve it.

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      Sorry for the delay in responding. I was out of town.

      Originally I thought it was just when rendering to wmv. But I have also discovered that it also happens coming out of Ultra as an AVI too.

      I’m self taught so bear with me. But when I save, I always use the default settings first. I have experimented making adjustments to them, but no luck. I’ve research codecs, aspect ratio, etc. So I’ve played with these. But I still seem to have the issue.

      Could it be the default codec settings on one program are different than another, so what I’m doing is resaving in different codecs, etc.? Also, most wmv saves result in a very poor quality.

      I’ve tried the programs I’m using for saving and I’ve also tried Windows Media Encoder. I’ve also tried taking the final avi into other programs for the final wmv save, like Windows Movie Maker or back to Visual Communicator.

      Could the problem be the camera settings in the original filming? Or filming straight to the computer rather than a DV disc? I’m so totally frustrated. I know there is probably an easy solution, I’m just not versed enough to figure this out.

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      Okay, I need to double check something. The video file that is captured to the hard drive is in perfect lip synch, right? Next, the video you see while editing is also in perfect lip synch, correct? You mentioned noticing a problem after you do your chromakey, but if you skip the chromakey step and render from your editor, how’s the lip synch then?

      And one final question I should have asked earlier. Is the lip synch error consistent? If you’re not sure, try this. Take your rendered file with lip synch error and load it into your NLE. Now move just the audio portion a few frames one way or the other. If the synch error is consistent you will be able to bring the audio & video back into perfect synch. Once you’ve corrected the error in the NLE, render that file & check out the lip synch of the rendered file. If the rendered file is in synch, we can rule out the NLE as a source for the problem.

      Right now we need to test each of the elements of your production process individually to locate where the synch problem originates. Or if it is something that just gets more pronounced at each step of the production chain. Once we locate the step causing the problem, it will be easy to fix it. Trouble shooting is always the hardest part for most folks. Once you can answer each of the questions, we can take that simple step to fix the problem. Or in the worst case, I can teach you a “work around” that doesn’t fix the problem but will still create a video in perfect lip synch.

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      Wonderful. Let me try some things and I will get back to you. Thanks for your patience/

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      Okay, yesterday I filmed some takes going directly intoour newcamera to DV tape (Canon XHA1). At the same time, I also filmed it directly to my computer. I went through my processes with both videos. Both sync. So now I’m wondering if it could be a camera issue, setting or otherwise. The camera I’ve always used in the past is a Sony Handycam HDV 1080i. Could I have changed a setting on the Sony that created the syncing problem?

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      Forgot to mention, I normally set my camera to auto. Thanks

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      i would say no, since the information is essentially a data dump to the computer, the sync problem has to be software related.


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      John – Okay, first sorry it has taken so long to get back, but I think I have an answer I can live with. If I film directly to the DV tape in my camera it will always sync. At least so far this is working every time.

      Thanks for all your advice!

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      Audio not synched with video upon export in Ultra cs3 or Ultra 2 ???

      Audio and video out of synchronization – solved, but would like some help!

      On my laptop the audio and video are out of synchronization, but not on my laptop.
      So for my laptop, here is what I did, as I cannot figure out my wrong settings on my laptop.

      (1) Export only the video portion in Premiere to Ultra, and then bring back this video after ultra into premiere, and use with the original audio track.
      (2) For those who cannot follow this, there is a second way to achieve the same results, but a little more cumbersome:
      Keep the before ultra audio on Premiere. (Audio track1)
      Import the after ultra avi (that had both video and audio) into Premiere.(video track 2 and audio track2.)
      Eliminate the audio (that was on audio track2 in Premiere) from Ultra.
      Now video track2-after ultra is synchronized with original audio- on track 1 in Premiere.
      Now export video track 2 with audio track 1 as an avi file that has synchronized audio and video.

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