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      Hi everyone–

      I have one clip in my sequence where the audio was out of sync on the actual tape (not sure how this happened). In Final Cut, I was able to align it so that it matched up with the video. However, when I go to export, FCP realigns the video and audio how it was on the tape, which is not usable.

      I’ve tried going to modify and unlinking the video from the audio but it hasn’t helped. How can I get my sequence to export just as it is on the timeline without it “trying to fix itself”?


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      Are you doing a simple File>Print To Video?

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      How out of sync is your video. Is it just a few frames or is it way off?

      If it’s just a few frames try going to Final Cut Pro > System Settings > Playback Control Tab and then make sure the Frame Offset is at 0. It should be at 0 if you are not using an external monitor for referencing.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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