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      I have just cut a new song and I am trying to figure out the best methods of using the original high quality audio track over my video. I am new to the video world and I am looking to know the best way to sync the original audio track with the video.

      Any best practices would be helpful.


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      You have probably figured it out by now, but, if not — what video editor are you using?  Most editors allow you to drop an audio track onto the timeline, mute the audio on the video tracks, and them manually align your clips (lower end editors) or wizard-align (high-end editor).  There are 3rd party sync tools available, too.

      If you haven’t purchased a video editor, get one that handles “multi-cam” editing so that you can more easily select the clip you want after the video tracks are all synced/aligned on the timeline.

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      Take a look at PluralEyes –

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      Alternatively, you can create a special, sync’d edit of your audio track to time-match the video. It depends on which is of primary importance – the video or the audio.

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