Switching Between Video Sources

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Recently I filmed an event with 6 cameras. The filming lasted for about 3 hours, so that's 18 hours of footage. Now I need to edit the footage from each camera into one 3 hour video (for different angles). And rather than cuttingpiecesout of each source (which would take a long time) I was wondering if there's some kind of software where each source plays at the same time in a window, then I just hit a key to send which source I want to be using to a "master output"? So say I wanted to have angle A currently being showed then cut to Angle B, I could just hit a key and then that would happen on the master output which is beingrecordedinto the 3 hour video.

Sorry if that doesn't make sense to anyone, I'm new to this.

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you can use up to four cameras

see this http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to-multi-camera-edit-premiere-pro-cs3-82874/Or if you are using Premiere Pro

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You can use an infinite number of cams in Sony Vegas Pro

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Curiously this is at least 1 video track per camera plus audio track per camera plus the most important track 1 for the video mixing and track 2 for audio. How many tracks your best software can handle decently ? With 6 cameras input may be a manual switcher is the equipment you need over a computer. For the expert what is the computer power you suggest to handle this kind of project?



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You could have live switched and recorded isos with a newtek tricaster. If your nle has multicam, you can still cut the same way. If not, sync the raw footage once on seperate tracks and simply go through your timeline subtractively.