Switching Between Panasonic and Canon

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      I have a question; though i think i already have a strong opinion myself.

      I have been stuck with a new crew to produce a five to six minute spot on the north texas food bank. There is just one inherent problem; I am the only one who can even vaguely engineer. I have bascially been stuck with five producersa and another shooter. I can shoot,engineer, light and write the script. They aren’t very well rounded and this is frowned upon at our school.

      Getting to the point, my school offers dvcpro,beta sp and pd -150s’ to shoot with. I would like to shoot beta sp but my group wants to shoot on their mini dv cameras. Granted one is a dvx100 and the other is a XL2; i am not sure how it will turn out. The reason being that they want to shoot 24 p and they want the interview done with one, and b roll done with another. I know Canon CCD’s have a tendency to sarurate a bit and the panasonic does not.

      I plan on taking them out and shooting with them both and then comparing them in post to see as a test.

      But any opinions?

      Any opinions on dealing with my crew would also help. ^-^

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      I agree completely! Also, try watching “The Apprentice”! Haha. I’m only half joking though. If you want to learn to manage a team, The Donald is a good source of info!

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      I also agree with compusolver we were doing the 24 hour race (which you might be familiar with since i see you are working in dallas) and the guy who organized the team started off saying some things that he probably shouldn’t have about how the team was to work and it caused us to have a incredible amount of tension between each other. Even for months after now we are good friends again but if he had started off with the night with just a few different words the team would have worked much better together and the friendship would have not been put on the rocks for a while. Make sure that your team knows that your thinking of their ideas. (even if your not which is fine too but they will appreciate it if you at least act like you are)

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      I took you guys’ advice and things are running pretty smoothly.

      They were as bit rocky at first since the director is a photographer who is still a novice at video. She thinks that because she is a photographer she knows everything that has to do with a camera lens.

      But we are almost done with the project and the time is soon!

      Thanks Guys!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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