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      Ive been shooting weddings for about a year and a half now. Today I got a call about shooting a Sweet 16 party. Ive never done anything like that before. Off the top of my head I quoted them $75 an hour with a minimun of 4 hours guaranteeing me $300, which they had no problem with. It’s on a Saturday so there is a chance I would be giving up a wedding.

      Anyway my questions is, what the heck does a completed Sweet 16 B-day DVD look like? What should I look for, etc. Anyone that has done one of these and could give me some tips, or an example of what theirs looked like would be great. Thanks.

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      I would probably approach it like a wedding reception and edit it in short form style, using highlights and music. I wouldn’t think they should expect more than about a 20 minute video.

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      Thanks! Thats what I was looking for.

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      I don’t know if I totally agree with that.
      I shot my first Sweet 16 about 2 months ago.

      Yes – It was shot kind of like a reception

      And they were looking for nearly the same coverage as a reception.
      When I met with them, they were expecting at least an Hour of video.

      This party included:
      Court Enterences
      First dances
      Speeches (like at at reception)
      Cutting the cake
      And dancing

      It was very involved
      It will definitley be more than you expect.

      Good luck

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      Agreed there. My first Sweet 16 was composed and processed much in the same style as a wedding…
      Beginning with the Church Ceremony, the Readings, the Confirmation, the Baby pictures, the arrival to the Reception, the first Dances, the Candles, the family/guest photos, the Full Party Dance, the Birthday Cake, the Recollection speeches, the messages from Friends, the Last Dance….

      We got about 6 to 8 tapes of RAW material and cut down to 1 hour finished video.
      (it was a loved one’s neighbor & my first themed-shoot so I stayed low in the 300 range).

      With all the activities going on, it was a lively shoot which definitely kept me on my toes!

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