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      When I was in School at the international academy of design and technology i studied computer animation. While i was there i dabbled in editing. My question to you all is what do you prefer.. Avid or Final cut? I want to learn one.. but not sure what one…



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      “Avid or Final cut?”

      Both…learn both.

      You’ll thank me later. πŸ˜‰

      Start with final cut first….if you start with Avid, you’ll never want to leave.

      (Phew!…..that was much easier….lol)

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      “Start with final cut first….if you start with Avid, you’ll never want to leave.” Really? That’s interesting. I’ve heard many people say Avid editors will have a easier time learning FCP while FCP editors will have a hard time learning Avid. Seems to hold true – at least in my experience. I learned FCP first and have no desire to try Avid again. The interface made no sense to me when I took an Avid class. All the people I know who use both programs seem to have started with Avid.

      When it comes down to it though, both Avid and FCP do the same thing – they cut the video, but here are some key difference I’ve heard:

      One thing I hear a lot is with FCP, you have to keep track of your media at all times. You really have to make sure you are organized. With Avid, I heard it takes care of all that for you. You can keep editing and Avid knows where to put your stuff if you import more media half way through a project. When you buy Avid though, all you get is Avid. I don’t believe you get a software bundle like you do with Final Cut. So with Final Cut you basically get a complete digital studio for $1200 while $2500 will get Avid…just Avid.

      Something I heard recently is that Avid still seems to be dominant out west while FCP seems to have taken over NYC, Philly, Pittsburgh, DC – the north east.

      And finally, I hate to say it, but if you have Avid on your resume, employers will probably take you more seriously. See, FCP is pirated all the time. That doesn’t really happen with Avid. So there are all these people running around who THINK they’re editors because they have FCP when really they are nothing more than people with FCP. So I feel like knowing Avid will help you separate yourself from that crowd, which I recommend. Those people are annoying.

      (by the way, has anyone else ever come across “videographers” who think they can shoot because they know how to point there camera at something? If you want to kill yourself, try editing that footage.)

      Anyway, those are some things to think about. Best thing to do is learn both, but unfortunately we can’t all learn everything at once. Pick one to start with. From there, learn how to use it efficiently before learning the other. Most importantly, learn what editing actually is. It’s one thing to know how to use the tools, but if you don’t know how to use them to tell a story, you’re SOL.

      THERE, Rob, did it for you, you lazy butt πŸ™‚ But only this once. Earl

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      what the ef. Whats with HTML always showing up after my posts? I’m not taking the time to fix that. Sorry…that’s annoying.

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      yeah…that’s cool too Rob.

      I think you might’ve missed my point though….basically that avid rocks.

      I still think it’s best to learn all programs….what’s the damn rush?

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      i agree. always keep learning.

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      Rob, do you often write out your responses in a word processing program, then copy and paste? That is one thing I think of that could be happening, and yeah, it is totally irritating to attempt to read between the html lines – I’d almost rather delete it and type in the reply box – if indeed you are typing elsewhere first.

      By the way I agree with Coreece – learn both, really – and ignore Jay, but he won’t go away. I think he still uses linear AB roll syle editing πŸ™‚

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      ROB, you lazy butt πŸ™‚ I fixed your HTML post, but only this once dude. πŸ™‚ Those smilies are smilies, by the way.

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      no, I don’t type in another word processing program and then copy/paste. That would be weird. But thanks for fixing my post. How did you do that…are you hacking my account?

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      Heh, heh…the privileges of being a moderator – I am KNOW ALL, SEE ALL, the eye is upon you. Well, OK, I am trying to be a good forum citizen and helpful where I can, owning up to the responsibilities of this non-paying, persona non gratis, role I have accepted.

      The reason I brought up the type, cut and paste, is some people think better, or even sometimes they are here, read, then later think of something they want to say and write it in another program, then do the TCP thingy. I do it a lot because I am comfortable with doing it, but I type on the fly as well, so I hammer down where ever I see a blank space that needs filled πŸ™‚

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