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      Heres a recent project of mine. Just thought i’d share, maybe get some feedback.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      another well done piece, dude.

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      dtrean, excellent video, very watchable, great job ofkeeping the surfer in frame while in motion. Keep shooting.

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      Not bad at all. Where was most of that shot? Looked like Hanauma Bay. You definitely need to get a camera mounted on the board to take these to the next level. Also you could be a bit more consistent with that ‘Mondrian’ rectangular effect. You were using it to intro the surfers and then you started using it at random. Made it look like you were just doing it ’cause it looked cool’ not because it was a creative editing decision.

      Also though the ‘miniaturized’ look was cool at the beginning when you got to the part driving down the road, again it looked like you just threw it in there just to look cool not because it was part of the story you were telling. BTW, what did you shoot this with? Did you do any post color-grading to get the look you got?

      I concur that you need to keep shooting.

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      Thanks. Shot on Maui. This was shot with a Canon 7D and an HV30. Used some color corrector 3 way in fcp and magic bullet mojo.

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      I loved your video, dtrean (=

      This is my first video edit:

      I have so much to learn… how can I some text to this video?

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      Alexandre –

      A few points.

      1) Your editor (NLE) should have the ability to add text. Which one are you using? (You did say you edited it).

      2) For something like this, the music should go the length of the video.

      3) Next time, zoom out some (and stay there) and try to put some space in front of the surfer.

      4) Spend more screen time on the surfer catching the wave and not as much on paddling, waiting or missing it.

      Keep practicing – things will get easier and better.

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      Hi Birdcat!

      Thank you for your answer (and tips)

      I used Avidemux (to cut the videos) and Openshot (to join the videos and add the music). By the way, I only use Linux as O. S.

      I will try to make better videos.

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      Alexandre –

      Ditto Birdcat.

      Most importantly keep practicing and keep in mind when you create your video you want to lead the viewer through some type of story. Not a story in the sense of “Once upon a time…the end” but a story that leads the viewer from one point to the next in a way that makes the viewer want to watch the video to see what happens next. Such as in yours, if you would have shortened up the paddling and capitalized on the surfers riding the waves it would have been more interesting. By showing so much of the paddling it gets boring for the viewer and honestly you really only have seconds to set the hook, keep them hooked and land the viewer on your video.

      Keep making videos, keep practicing and you will get there. What i found works for me is I do the shoot. Afterwards, I will usually not look at it for at least a day. Then do the first edit in post. And again I will watch it a few times during the first edit but will let it sit for a day or so and then look at it again with a critical eye – “Would I watch this if someone else made it?” I ask myself this question on everything I do including still photography.

      Keep the videos coming – good luck.

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