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      Ok, this might not be the right forum to ask, but I’m gonna give it a try anyway..

      I just got my hands on an old Canon 310XL Super 8mm camera. Now I know this forum is about video, but I figured someone might be aple to help me out.

      I’ve already searched the web for information about shooting in super 8mm, and I’ve found several things, but I still got some unanswered questions.

      What kind of film should I buy to get in this filmcamera? I’m going to shoot mostly outdoors in sunny conditions. And when I’m done shooting, I guess it has to be developed in order to be able to watch it through a projector right?

      I know these may seem stupid questions but forgive me for not growing up with film (I’m just 20 now). I hope some people on this forum have more knowledge about film than I do, and I hope someone can help me out..

      thnx in advance

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      I used to shoot super 8. Can’t remember the film type, but things have changed over 20 years. I still have the projector if you are interested. Dang, I still have the Sony Tele-Cine unit!

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      Giles Perkins from lets us in on the secrets of Super 8

      Listen to the podcast here:

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