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      -> The company I work for is purchasing another casablanca system. I am selling my personal casablanca because I do not need two units. I have put alot of money into this nice editor. The following is a list of all software and hard ware installed in the system:

      1. New 160 Gig. Seagate Hard Drive
      2. 256 mb RAM
      3. Built in DVD Burner
      4. DVD-Arabesk DVD Authoring Program
      5. Akaba; Paint and drawing tools program
      6. Bluebox World; High quality chroma key program
      7. Memory Card Reader Software Ready
      8. Disk Transfer; Export or Import AVI Files
      9. Effect & Transition Packs 1345678
      10. Elastic Dreams; Morphing and Warping Program
      11. Font Pack Pro
      12. Magic Lights; Really cool Light Beam Effects
      13 Motion 3D Version 1&2
      14 3D Shapes Transitions Pack
      15. Motion Perfect; Super Smooth Slow & Fast Motion Program
      16 Photo Transfer; Import .jpg Files, Pictures, Logos etc.
      17 PIP Studio; High Quality Picture in Picture with animation control
      18. QuadCam; Multi-Camera Editing Program VERY POWERFUL
      19. Presentations Options; Great for trade shows or program looping
      20. Split-X Collection; Alpha Channel effects
      21. Title Effects 1 and 2; Allows powerful animated titling & graphics
      22. VME Compact 50; Video Masks and Custom Transitions Program
      23. Connections: IEEE 1394 Digital Firewire, S-Video I/O, RS 232, VGA, USB 1 and 2, SCSI Port for extra external hard drives, RGB Output
      24. Includes Orig box, Trackball, Keyboard, and a $500.00 Hard Case

      I have invested $8,500.00 into this nice system. Your Price: $5,500.00 Contact Joel Brooks at: 817-771-8347 or e-mail:

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