Superglue on my lens! help

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      Does anyone know how to take super glue off ? Its on my Death Lens and VX. My Littke Brother got to glue and went on a superglue rampage. Theres a little bit on both. its noticeable and annoying. what takes off superglue without harming the lens?

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      short and simple reply is nothing. the lens has a coating on it, you will not be able to use any solvents to get the glue off with out damaging the lens.

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      Nail polish remover removes superglue. Seeing as how glue is already on the lense I don’t see why you couldn’t try it.

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      well…i’d say if you’re one of those skateboarders who uses a fisheye that has a lot ofvignette you should just throw it out because it’s crappy. but if you’re using a fisheye lens made by, lets say Century Optics, throw it out anyway because fisheyes are over rated.

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