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      Hi all,

      I just purchased a Canon FS100 camcorder and a Beachtek DXA-2s XLR adapter to go with it. I have a cheap Peavey PVi100 mic I’m using right now, and I’m not really happy with the results. Does anyone have experience with this Beachtek adapter and a good wired mic to go with it? Thanks in advance!

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      I don’t have experience with BeachTek adapters but I can tell you I’ve never heard anything bad about them.

      What price range are you looking at for a mic? And what kind of make are you looking for? Another handheld? I was always under the impression that those aren’t “wired” in the same sense a lavalier mic may be. You just connect an XLR cable to them.

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      I’m hoping to spend less than $100.00, and yes, a handheld for sportscaster type interviews with coaches and players.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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