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      I’m doing web video only. Been using Vegas Platinum 8.0, and I love it. I’ve learned to really make it sing. Now – I have definite plans to upgrade something around the first of 2011. My options are: go to Vegas Pro (unltd tracks might be nice) or upgrade the cam. I love recording to the SD card. I could go up to an HD cam, or I could even go to 3CCD, but that would mean recording to tape. I’m in the exploratory stage right now.

      I would appreciate your suggestions.

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      Budget, Creative Goals and Production Goals, are the three main things that will influence your choice. Obviously moving up to Vegas will give you more pro level choices in your edits and you’re already familiar with the interface. Upgrading from Platinum to Vegas shouldn’t be too expensive. Camera wise, tape is cheap, reliable and there are still plenty of options for inexpensive gear. It is however, a bit more labor intensive and is more time consuming to use during digitizing than using solid -state based gear. Solid-state work flow is faster more expensive (though prices are dropping quickly on certain card formats) and can make one lazy concerning logging footage which will cost you time later in the edit bay when searching for uncatalogued clips.

      Solid-state is the wave of the future. I have primarily tape-based SD and HD gear, but am moving bit by bit into a solid-state workflow. Tape is still reliable and will be for a few more years, but eventually it will be phased out. Do your research on your camera choices with concern towards consumer, prosumer or professional level equipment. The level of camera you purchase will positively or adversely free up or curtail your creativity concerning the look of your work. Not saying that having a crap or top of the line cam’ will absolutely make your work look bad or good. However, it will affect your ability to make your work look its best. Lastly, don’t forget about your budget! The goal is to spend your money ‘well’. Yeah you could chop up a bunch of zombies with a broadsword, but your arms will get tired faster. That long dagger or shortsword will mean you’ll have to get closer, but your arms will last longer! Your camera choice is similar to that rather off subject metaphor.

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