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      I need to upgrade my graphics card to support to 2 monitors and to capture good quality digital video. I have a Sony Vaio RX560 on XP and just bought a new 19″ LCD monitor. I am also upgrading the processor to 2.8 GHz. Need better resolution results and better capturing quality. End result is that I want to make DVDs.

      I am not looking for a card optimized for playing games. Any suggestions for a particular brand and model of card you have had good results with is much appreciated.

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      Nvidia Quatro line is good for multi monitors. Aren’t you using firewire capture? That’s pretty standard on all machines these days, and is really the only way to go if you camera supports it. If not, you may have to get a specifically design analogue video input card.

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      Thanks for your input. After doing some more research, I found going mid-line is good enough. I just spent $55 on a Nvidia GeForce 5500 with 2 VGA hook-ups and 128 Mb of video memory. Should do the trick. Think I’ll spend a little more on getting a fast processor.

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