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      I need some suggestions on cameras that you would recommend for use by a high school media program. On the one hand, I need consumer cameras for beginner students. I have been using Samsung SC-D353 and the JVC GR-D370U at this level. The Samsungs have been perfectly acceptable in terms of picture quality and sound. However, the side viewfinders have ALL given up the ghost. Ergo, not so reliable. The JVC’s have been very reliable and the picture quality is fine. However there is no input for an external microphone. Yikes. What camera at this level would you suggest?

      I’d also like some input on 3CCd cameras. We use them for recording concerts, sporting events and meetings for distribution on DVD. Currently we have 4 Panasonic AG-EZ1’s and one Canon XL-2 that I inherited with the program. There is also on XL2 body. I’m not sure whether it makes sense to buy the viewfinder and lens for it. The Panasonics are about 9 years old. One gets dew detect errors.The rest do just fine but they won’t live forever.

      I’m thinking about buying the Panasonic PV-GS500 as replacements. I’d like to have more good cameras than fewer excellent ones in order to provide more access for more kids. Should I go this route or should I try the Canon GL-2?

      I’d appreciate any help!

      David Franz

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