Suggestions and Critiques, please?

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Hey guys!

Here i am back on the forum. I have focused mainly on my photograph skills and i am actually making some money out of it. I just designed a brand new website, and i would aprpeciate if you guys could tell me what you think about it.

Also, it would be awesome if you gave me your thoughts on my pictures!

Thanks so much guys!


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Hello Shippo

Nice website, it looks decent on my Mac using Firefox. I really like your pictures, especially the one that appears to be a runner looking at the side (great DoF). One thing I don't like is the music that automatically start when visiting the website. Personally I don't like websites with this because most times I have my speakers high and when the website music starts it usually scares me. If I don't find how to turn the music off I immediately get out of the website, but that just me. Good job, keep it up.


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Hey Shippocaio, I'm with SargeHero 100% on the music thing. I'm going to your website to look at photos and video, not listen to music, right? I might have my own music playing on my computer. Sometimes music on websites actually scares me. I'm not interested in hearing what the web designer thinks I should be listening to. I know not everyone is like this, but quite a few are. Auto-play music on a website is a deal breaker for me. I immediately navigate away, never to return. My 2 cents.

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I think I like best your artistic phtography, but I don't like the fact that once the film strip gets in motion, you can't stop by hovering over it with your cursor.

The music you can give an cross (on/off) button, for muting.