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      We are a print magazine that is looking to offer our readers a few minutes of video on our website, showing some of the articles in the magazine live on video. Can anyone suggest a camera that we could quickly learn to use, and one that would give the highest amount of quality for video on the web. We do not want to use editing desks etc. so are thinking that a camera with a HDD would work. We want
      to take the video down to computer add music and titles and then convert to .FLV and upload. Files size should be in the range
      of 6-10 megs but we do need the quality (not excellent quality but good enough that the video is clear and bright).
      Could you also recommend editing software that is fairly easy to use (not a steep learning curve) but professional enough for
      what we need to do.

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      Many thanks for the replies on our question.
      We have the new Adobe CS3 Pro package that has soundbooth, Premiere Elements etc.
      we are considering the HDR-SR8 BUT it uses AVCMD format for HD that adobe does not support right now so we are
      looking at using Vegas software from sony as it supports AVCMD.

      Queston: Any feedback on how good the quality of HDR-SR8 is in HD mode? For the price this looks like a great camera.

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      Sony Handycam HDR-SR8E
      Macbook (add at least 2 gigs ram and an external firewire hd) with Ilife 08 (using Imovie 08).

      doesn’t get any easier to get pro results than that.

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      If you already have a PC and don’t want to get a new computer for this, you could consider something like Premire Elements.

      Of course you could always be brave and use Windows movie maker, but I think that only has 1 audio track (I’m not positive about this). It’s pretty basic, but combine that with Audacity (free software) and you could have a system that can mix audio and cut video together for pretty cheap. It’s not the best solution, but it’s the cheapest (assuming you already have a PC) and it should be able to do everything you want to do.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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