suggest new/used camcorder?

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      I dropped my Sony DCR-HC 52 (uses Mini-DV tapes) in the Dismal Swamp in Virginia, gone forever. Had it for 5 years, loved it, only problem: no external mike input. Time for a new/used one

      Mostly I do family documentaries, volunteer work, etc. So I haven’t kept up very much with the developments since last purchase…such as HD, AVHD, etc.

      Important to know: I use Final Cut Pro on a Apple Powermac G5 PPC (pre-intel) and also have a Macbook Pro with the newer processor. I have been told that I won’t be able to capture video to thePowermac G5 from the new cameras that store video on the hard drive. So I think I might need to get a camera that uses Mini DV tapes, but I still need an external mike input. (or I could use the Macbook Pro to capture and then transfer the .mov files to the Powermac G5 for editing if I need to. Anyone know how difficult that may be or if it’s even practical?)

      how do I solve this problem? is there another way to get good sound without the external mike input? I’m beginning to think I’ll have to go that route if I get a camera using Mini-DV tapes, since they seem to be the lower-end models.

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      Simply get a refurb Canon HV20 that shoots HDV for $400 and kiss your troubles goodbye

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      Kiss your troubles goodbye? With HDV?! Not according to what I’ve heard/read

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      I don’t know what your budget is butfind yourself a Sony DSR -PD170 Mini DVCAM Camcorder. It uses XLR connectors for boom, wireless, or lapel microphones. It thrives on MiniDV tapes. Its great for documentaries, and such.

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      The Canon HV30 is a good choice. There’s lots of infoon theWeb. B&H Photo/Video has great reviews.You can upgrade to XLR connectors. It does have microphoneand headphone outputs. It also uses miniDV tape. I’m just a amatuer/hobbist trying to break into something professional.

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      I would recommend the Canon HV30 as well. Talked with a friend of mine in Indiana, and his comment was that he was able to shoot footage as good as most of his prolevel HD cameras. He may be stretching it a bit, but it is his favorite camera that he uses. I am buying one next week.

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      And NOW there is an HV40!

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