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      I have done a movie on robotics and I would like to know what programs there are (lovley freeware) that are able to subtitle the movie to english so you others can view it…

      best regards !

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      I’m using a free program that comes with every computer. Notepad. Just type in the start timecode, the stop timecode and whats being said. 1 entry on each line. Adobe Encore reads this file and plots everything perfectly in my subtitle track.


      < Start > < Stop > < Text >

      0:12:43:10 0:12:47:22 This is a subtitle script!
      0:12:47:29 0:12:51:08 Thanks for the tip!
      0:12:51:13 0:12:55:12 No Problem!

      One space between each. Quotes around text will display in subtitle. One thing to consider in the use of a semicolon versus a colon to separate the digits. One is for drop frame timecode (29.97fps) and one is not drop frame (30fps). (I can’t remember which is which).

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