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      I’m fairly new with Encore CS3 , but I have done a lot of video tutor learning. A few test runs I triedhave worked out well -but my first serious try is driving me up the wall. ‘Check Project’ keeps telling me : SUBMENU – Overlapping buttons! I cannot trace this ‘fault’. The flowchart looks fine but what else can Ido?

      Any help might save my sanity! Thanks.

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      When I got that error, it didn’t look like the buttons were overlapping, but the button outlines were. The outlines appear when you click on a button with the selection tool. perhaps theis is the problem with your project. I will PM you an illustration, because this new fomat didn’t allow me to “insert” an image…

      Also…I don’t think the flowchat will show which buttons are overlapping…you’ll just have to click every button until you see which outlines are overlapping. I thought encore had a feature that would atomagically create red outlines when buttons were overlapping…I guess not…

      I hope this helps…

      Best Regards

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