Stupid Audio Question.

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      Ok, first let me say I know very little about audio. I know how to operate the cameras and shoot, but when it comes to Audio, forget it.

      So here is my question.
      I own a Canon XH-A1. Im looking for an external Mic for it. I know there are many types and you can spend thousands. Im looking to spend a few hundred. Im looking for a Shotgun Mic, but its hard if not impossible to find one that says its Stereo.

      So, lets take the Rode NTG-2 for example. Its not Stereo, right? But what if you split the XLR out of the Mic and ran it into both XLR’s on the Camera. Is that possible? Is there any advantage in doing this?

      If not, can anyone recommend a good shotgun Mic?

      I’ve been looking at the following myself:
      -Audio-Technica AT897 – Short Condenser Shotgun Microphone
      -Fostex MC35 – Electret Condenser Shotgun Microphone

      Suggestions, Questions, Help.
      Mike A.

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      I don’t own one myself, but the Rode VideoMic shotgun mic comes highly recommended.

      They have it at Musician’s Friend for $150

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      I would just record on 1 audio channel, then use your NLE editor to put the audio on both channels (maybe pan to one side or the other to match what’s happening on screen). Although your camcorder might have an option to route a mic input to both channels.

      Unless you’re going to be in a sound stage all the time, I would recommend staying with a shotgun mic. They’re best for rejecting unwanted noises. I don’t think any stereo mics are shotguns.

      BTW, I’ve been using the Rode VidoMic (the original shotgun version, NOT the stereo one), and it works well. Even though it’s monaural, it puts its signal on both left and right channels of the stereo miniplug.

      Ken Hull

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      Ken Wrote:

      I would just record on 1 audio channel

      I’d suggest, if possible, recording your off-cam mic on one channel, and record the on-cam mic on the other channel. Backup is always useful πŸ™‚

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