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      You don’t have much info about yourself posted in your profile. What area are you in? Is there a good market for HD there? What prices are you getting for HD wedding videos.

      On to your questions –

      Why do you need telephoto for your static camera at rear of the church? I usually set mine wide to get the overall view of the entire wedding party. You can’t trust a static camera for closeups or even medium shots, because people tend to move around a bit and you don’t want to tie up an operator when you can easily go static here. In fact, we shoot with three and four cameras and I’ve always said that this static un-manned camera is better than any manned camera because it ALWAYS has a shot for me to go to. I would never allow anyone to "man" that camera!

      When using three (or more) cameras, we’ll triangulate and camera 1 is on groom’s side, shooting at bride. Cam 2 is on bride’s side shooting groom. Cam 3 is at church rear (balcony, if possible) shooting wide as noted above. Cam 4 (optional) gets groom reaction, unity candle (when it is to the front of altar), performers, guest reaction shots, etc.

      When editing, I’m often surprised to find that all three camera operators can find a way to not have a shot at the same time! Camera #3 is my favorite camera at those moments!

      The FX1 has a Lux rating of 3. That’s often enough for ceremonies, but not always. More often, it is not enough at many receptions. I assume you’re using on-camera lighting at some receptions? Do your clients already own HD-capable players, or are they purchasing in order to view the wedding videos? Are they using Blu-Ray or HD-DVD? (Or are you delivering in SD format?)

      You’re really going to have computers sitting under your tripods? Won’t that limit your mobility and increase your setup/takedown times?

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      Here’s what I have for my wedding biz:

      FX1 – Main camera
      HC3 – Backup camera. The options are few, but the quality is excellent. I don’t shoot close-ups with it and feel a bit cheap for not getting another prosumer cam, but I just don’t see a justifiable quality difference.
      Audio Technica u100 wireless system w/ a lavalier mic for the officiant
      Olympus recorder w/ lavalier for the groom

      Here’s what I want:
      Another HC3 for a third camera or an inexpensive HD cam
      A Raynox telephoto lens for the HC3 to shoot from the back of the church
      An ADS Pyro Hard Drive for my FX1
      An inexpensive/huge shotgun mic with fur to capture ambient sound and to make my stage hc3 look big and bad :-//
      A cheap external HD for my laptop
      A loaded portable Apevia Compact desktop to do the heavy lifting that my laptop won’t do. I like the fact that it’s portable, and plan to put it under my HC3 tripod for digital recording. I can then put my laptop under the other HC3 and plug the Pyro into my FX1. With the wedding over I can plug in the external HD and Pyro into the Apevia for rendering.


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