Studio Reno, Need some suggestions.

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      Hey all,

      I am new here, and fairly new to the business. The company I work for is looking to do improvements to their small studio and I have been elected to spearhead the project. I have looked around on the net a bit for some of the items we were looking into getting and I thought I would try here to see what your suggestions are.

      What we are looking into getting is…

      1. Tile flooring (suggestions on what I should be looking for, what I should avoid? We are hoping to be able to paint the tiles chroma green/black/white when needed)

      2. Track/rail for curtains (a cyc) ( what should I be looking for? Do I have to get the rails from a video equipment dealer or is there a cheaper more readily available choice?

      3. Looking to put up a grid for small studio lights (What should I be looking for and where? Just at the local hardware store?

      4. Sound proofing for a small v/o studio and in the main part of the studio (Should I go with sound proofing blankets/foam made for that or can I get away with hardware store items?)

      5. Blacking out windows (Paint, stick on vinyl, what else, what would be the best option?)

      6. Paint (What is my best choice, obviously matte but is there something I may miss?)

      Thanks ahead of time for any response, it is greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to get this project going, I will have to post some before and after pictures at a later date!

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