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      Wondering if anyone has any ideas for an affordable ceiling rail type system. I want to put up some tracks (?) so I can hang cameras from different positions. The ceiling rail systems I have seen are around $1000 – I am only DIY at home/office and producing mainly for the web.

      Are there any chap ways to assemble something to hang consumer video cameras, web cams, and at most light boxes from the ceiling…

      Any help would be greatly apreciated..



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      I would think galvanized pipe, some flanges to attach to the ceiling, making sure you are into rafters and not just open drywall spaces. the clamps themselves may be harder to find, or DIY. I have plans to do something similar once (and it may be a while) I get the garage cleaned out. I want to be able to leave the lights hanging. Unless you will be moving things a lot, re-arranging the studio, you can probably get away with one pipe instead of having to build a large grid.

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      I’ve used slotted angle iron that you can get at lowes or Home Depot pretty cheap. Same stuff they hang garage door openers with. It paints easy to match the ceiling.

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      electrical conduit pipe and long bolts will do the trick.

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      Sliding barn door box rail would be stronger, you can get ball bearing trolleys, vice grips could hold the gear in place. Mount it on studs or Rafters. make sure it will not come down and hurt, maime or kill somebody. Safety chains on everything

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      hi guys

      thanks for the info – I will let you know how I go down the local hardware store…

      cheers…..massive help…thanks


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      You might be better served by using light stands (Lowel, for example) for both lights and camera mount. That will give you the greatest flexibility, won’t mess up your ceiling and will eliminate the problem of trying to find hangers that are compatible with your light. Theatre lights, for example, use c-clamps that bolt to the lights. Video lights rarely come with c-clamps; they’re designed to be mounted on a light stand.


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      if you have a drop ceiling you can get scissor clips with light studs and cable supports attached.

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      manfrotto superclamps are great to have…

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      Regardless of it, use manay cameras on every angle so it will just take frame by frame and edit it so you can have continous shots.





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      I went to my local electrical wholesaler, they have some purpose built rails (ment for floro fittings) made of galvanised steel approximately an inch and a half to 2 in.² which come in six meter (20 foot) lengths. 

      It's got slotted holes all the way down the length I then used as some threaded rod to take it up through the ceilings and the ceiling joists that way you could adjust the height and level of all of the trusses, a quick spray with blac paint and it great, the best part is that with a nut&bolt I can put most things anywhere!
      If you want I can post a photo or two.
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