Studio camera or camcorder?? recomendations?

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      We are looking for a camera to mount in our training area to record sessions.

      I have looked at several camcorders, But I was wondering if there is a better type camera.

      Ideally we want to record directly to a hard drive on a PC as opposed to recording on the camera then copying to a PC.

      So some sort of Studio type camera might be best.

      We are functioning in a well lighted room.

      The camera will be mounted to the wall.

      We will probably using some sort of Pan and Tilt mechanism like the Power Pod.

      So it needs to be under 3 Lbs.

      I would like it to be digital (Firewire preferred) as opposed to analog to a capture card.

      Also we want zoom control from the PC.

      White balance, focus, or other controls from the PC aren’t needed.

      Final output will be to a training DVD and Web site so quality doesn’t have to be super.

      Budget would be around $500

      Anybody have any suggestions?


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