Studio 15 Change Project Aspect Ratio from 4:3 to 16:9

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New to Pinnacle Studio..made my first project and spent probably 20
hours editing an hour of home movies/photos. All of the movies are HD
Video. Just went to make movie and selected an HD format to export to
and it warned me that my project was in 4:3 aspect.

How can I
change the aspect ratio for an existing project? I found out how to
change it for new projects but can't see anywhere to change for existing
projects. If you can't change it is there any way to start a new HD
project, select all from the old project and copy it into the new
project? All of the video is already HD in 16:9 format.

This is Pinnacle Studio 15 Ultimate.


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Jason, I had the very same problem. The Pinnacle Studio 'Help' facility was no help at all. I found the solutionon another site. First with any scene in the timeline selected, go to the 'Edit' menu, and 'Select All' then click 'Copy'. From the 'File' menu select 'New Project' when the new project opens up select 'Set up' then 'Project Preferences'. Choose your 'Project Format' click OK. Finally click in the timeline and select 'Paste' your project should now be in your desired format. It worked OK for me and saved a lot of time re-editing.

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Thanks!! This saved so much time for me as I realized after 4 finished videos that the output quality was unusable as the project aspect ratio was changed earlier. I couldn't figure out how to change it and this helped, you made my day! Saved many hours of re-editing.

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Video shot in 4 X 3, stays 4 X 3 all they way through, garbage in, garbage out. Shoot in Widescreen, it gets rid of all bars in videos.'s picture
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Fantastic to see other experiencing the same problem as me and working towards a solution.

What I can't understand is why everything thing worked perfectly with Studio 11 and now with Studio 15 HD, even my still photos are showing a black line down the side when I bring them to the time line.  I never had this problem with Studio 11.  Not sure what's going on, but its darned frustrating.  All the best.