Studio 14 DVD rendering problem.

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      Studio 14 works fine but burning project DVD’s is problematic. Very often if not always the Dvd freezes when played on PC or Dvd player. I also get the freeze at the very same place when playing the rendered VS files on the PC. (I have a top notch PC dedicated solely to editing videos – that is, a PC with the barest minimum number of programs installed/running). Very likely something is going wrong during the DVD rendering stage. Anybody having the same problem? Or had the same problem and solved it?

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      I had the same problem with Studio 12 . . . until I substantially increased the compression ( lowered the bit rate )


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      Studio 14 has 2 major problem

      1) Capture movie

      2) Burning DVD

      The best way to burn using Studio 14 is to create the DVD without burning this is the first step the next step is to burn the DVD. Burn using the slowest speed and run nothing else on the computer.

      To overcome the capture problem use another program like Magix to capture your movie.

      Probably with time if you continue to work with Pinnacle you must dream to change for something better presently I try to switch to Magix Pro 17 i think that Pinnacle program has too much player inside trying to reach Internet each time you start the program if you use a dual screen count the number time that the second screen redraw or flash. Sony or Adobe are also very nice solution. (stable no blue screen)

      Another bad thing with Pinnacle when you buy anupgrade check time you loose to install the new version these guysell upgrade is more easy to install only a full program than the way Pinnacle work.



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      AvatarJohn Safarik

      It seems I am a year behind here. I have been using 14 for awhile and have made 5 DVD's all under 35 minutes with no issues. I just completed one that is 45 minutes and everything looks good during the rendering, but when I play it on any DVD player, it freezes in the same spot.

      I was thinking of removing the software and then re-installing it and then try it again. I will try and Burn using the slowest speed and run nothing else on the computer as SignMax suggested.

      I have also just purchased a brand new PC with an Icore 7 processor and have already hit the dreaded Blue screen twice while using Pinnacle 14. After this project I am looking to purchase something other than Pinnacle. Any other suggestions???

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      I can't thank you all enough for your suggestions.  I will try to lower the compression and see if that works.  I've been struggling with Pinnacle 14 for about 2 years.  I'm the photographer for a club and I make photo slideshows of events that are over 1 hr long.  It's been a crapshoot if the darn DVDs freeze up or not when watching them after I burn them.  I thought I was doing something wrong.  It's obviously the software. 

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      AvatarJohn Safarik

      I corrected my issues by de-installing and re-installing the software. I am not sure what gets corrupted while producing video's, but this seems to work.

      I loaded my longer than normal project and burned it to disk, and it played just fine.

      I am still interested in looking at the Sony Vegas stuff, but haven't purchased it yet.

      Once I do, I will re-post with a full report.


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      I have made DVDs from home videos for many years and still experience the freezing, usually at the same spot, presumably caused during rendering. I am using Pinnacle 14 with Windows 7. Some time ago I installed the trial Windows 10 thinking it might help.DO NOT DO THIS as it is not compatible with 14.. I checked the freeze point on the timeline but nothing visible ( eg a tiny gap).
      To solve the problem I deleted one or two seconds each side of the freeze spot and replaced it with a suitable cutaway.
      Not the proper answer but “any port in a storm”.

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      [quote=John Safarik] After this project I am looking to purchase something other than Pinnacle. Any other suggestions???[/quote]


      I've recommended Sony Vegas to several disgruntled Pinnacle users and every one of them has been very happy with it.

      I teach Vegas to college students and they love it for it's ease of use.

      You can start off with one of the Movie Studio versions (as cheap as $34 online right now) and then, if you want to, upgrade to Vegas Pro. Sony offers a discount for this to registered owners.

      Trial versions of everything are available so I encourage you to download one and play with it.

      I don't think you'll be disappointed.



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