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      Word has it that Pinnacle is about release Studio 12 and are accepting pre-release orders.

      Being downunder (Australia) we are usually the last to know or get the latest tehcnology.

      Anyone else heard the Word and know whats in it?????

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      I just installed Ultimate 11 a few weeks ago and now they’reoffering me 12. Here’s the link that they sent me. Enjoy!

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      I’m wondering if the new Montage feature will sync video from a multi camera shot.

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      Well now, Pinnacle now have Studio 12 up on the web site. Looks very interesting. I wonder how many plugins we have to purchase??

      Montage looks intersting too. Looks like we’re still limited to our video tracks. I cant get info if 12 has 2 video tracks, plus the overlay track, or if the two video tracks includes the overlay track. Would like to have seen more video tracks. I hope we can use smart sound. I have a huge library and I was not impressed when studio went with score fitter. Thankfully the makers of smartsound had a plug in that let us use smart sound in studio 11. Time will tell….

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      According to Videomaker’s review of Studio 12, “However, Studio still has only two tracks for video – the main track and the overlay track – which you would use for titles or the video for layering picture-in-picture scenes, for example. But you can now layer more video through the Montage features…”

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      12 is by far the best version yet.

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      Just started using it…

      Very easy… very user friendly…

      Requires a powerful system to use though.

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      I like Pinnacle Studio 12 a lot; the montage themes are fun, the application is more stable, and it seems to be the only video editing software I have that will edit all the various video formats that my cameras shoot in natively.

      SirfurProduction says: “Requires a powerful system to use though.”

      Not really. I am using a laptop with only 1.8 gigahertz dual core Centrino processor and I have been able to edit hi-def footage. It’s a 64 bit Vista system with 4 gigs of memory. I do admit it does take a while to pre render the effects and transitions, but it is still useable. It is the only program that I can render hi def video on my laptop that will playback at the correct frame rate. I’m talking about short videos here though, suitable for the web–if I were creating a longer hi-def movie then the story could be different.

      Magic Bullet Looks and Boris Graffeti makes this program worth the money. Those 2 sets of plugins alone would probably cost around $1000. I just wish that they would give you more video tracks in the next version. I’m sure they don’t want to cut into the sales of Liquid–but not everyone has the bucks to go for a professional editing suite.

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