Studio 10.7 Lossy Render Quality

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      Has anyone else had issues with pixelated/grainy render quality using 10.7?

      I have Pinnacle Studio Pro 10.7 Titanium Edition. My computer is highly capable: XP SP2, 2GB RAM, NVidea GeForce 7400, etc.

      It doesn’t matter what format I render in, it’s always pixelated. It really doesn’t make sense because I rendered some things with crystal perfection toward the beginning of this year.

      Anyone have any ideas?

      Also, I noticed there’s an 8.1 patch out. It says it’s mostly for Vista though and says nothing about fixing render quality. Does anyone know if the 8.1 patch helps with output quality?

      Also, how does encoding work? Someone told me that output quality has to do with how the video is encoded.

      Thanks for your help. -mogle

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      Can we see a screenshot of this pixellation? Where exactly do you see it? Is it on the output file in an external player?

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      For some reason I can’t get a screenshot of the paused video but here are a few frame grabs of a DVD disc image I created in AVI best quality full screen mpeg2 encoding.

      I’ve tried rendering in multiple formats and ever single one is grainy.

      I’ve tried creating a DVD disc image (as well as burning multiple DVD’s) at best quality, Dolby Digital 2-channel audio, 8500 kbits per sec, w/ & w/out progressive re-encoding, w/ & w/out always re-encoding entire movie, w/ & w/out hardware acceleration enabled, etc.

      I’ve tried creating many different file types: WMA Hight Quality NTSC, DVD compatible mpeg2 full size best quality variable vbr 7400 kbps, AVI best quality using every compression codec possible (and even tried rendering uncompressed frames).

      At first I would burn a DVD every time to test it. Then I got sick of that and began creating disc images and playing them with a basic dvd player called Zoom Player.

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      That doesn’t seem "grainy" or "pixelated", but an interlaced image on a progressive display.

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      I’m not sure what your answer means, but I think I figured out what happened.

      I had my program set to capture at the highest quality AVI. When in actuality it was capturing in 320×240 resolution AVI. There was some kind of error in capturing and my DV tapes have been overwritten (won’t do that again). Then when I create a DVD disc image it looks like this. I’m assuming the conversion is nearly impossible to make look good when coming from a resolution the size of a video ipod to the size of a DVD. Any ideas?

Viewing 4 reply threads
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