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      I am using studio 10.7 and last week it locked up when going to the make movie tab, it says INITIALIZING and the hour glass comes up, then locks up the program and sometimes even the computer. I tried everything and ended up having to uninstall the program, I finnaly got back to reinstall the software and the 10.7 update and it is DOING THE SAME THING. When I start the windows task manager it says the program is NOT RESPONDING. I have no idea what to try, if anyone could help that would be SOOO nice! Maybe I just need to get new software? Any suggestions of software that would open my Pinnacle projects that I have been working on? (anything besides studio 11 – have already tried updating to that and have had nothing but nightmares :(!

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      First of all, I feel sorry for you having to uninstall/reinstall the program. Once I uninstall it, I will never reinstall it again; the installation was that hellish for me.

      There is a 10.8 update available. I’m not sure if that will fix your problem though. Also, from what it says on the Pinnacle site; you cannot open 10.7 files on any other version of Pinnacle, so in other words, if you can’t get it to work on 10.7, your editing was all done in vain.

      To be honest, I have no idea what is wrong. It could be anything. Pinnacle software is notorious for crashing and freezing.

      A couple of things to try:

      1) Create a new project, put a short video clip on the time line, then go to make movie and see what happens. If it still crashes then you know it wasn’t crashing before because of the amount of film on the time line.

      2) When it first says says "initializing" quickly put your disc in the drive. That’s what I usually do to avoid errors.

      3) When you select ‘make movie’ quickly select ‘file’ instead of ‘disc’ and see if it still crashes. If it does, then it doesn’t have to do with your dvd drivers and such.

      It’s possible your dvd drive is not being friendly with the program. Also, what kind of equipment are you running. It could be that you just don’t have a capable enough computer to run the necessary commands. Pinnacle is a pretty demanding program unfortunately.

      Hope this helps. -mogle

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      Thanks for the assistance Moglepro! I took your advise and tried a couple things and found that when i go to make movie and it locks up I can get it to unlock by ejecting my DVD drive so I’m wondering if it maybe its my drive? I am using a Philips DVD +-RW DVD8631 BD10 drive that came with my computer. I think my computer itself is OK it is a Dell with a P4 3.4GHz, 2Gigs of RAM, Nvdia GeForce 6800 GPU vid card with 256Mb of memory and a SB Audigy 2ZS sound card. I was able to get it to make move – it said disc creation successfull or something like that, then when I tried to play the DVD on the computer it would not recognize it, when I put it in my stand alone DVD player/recorder it would read it and play it but there was no audio, which is probably why the computer would not recognize it. Any advise for that?
      Pinnacle Frustration in MN 😯

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      Cripes! No audio huh? Sounds like maybe your audio card is not linking up correctly with the program. I’m assuming you can monitor the output audio during editing though so that wouldn’t make sense if it wasn’t linked up right. Are you creating the disc image before burning or just burning straight to disc? I would try creating the disc image before burning and also check re-encode entire film (or whatever the wording is). It sounds like Pinnacle just doesn’t like your machine to me. I dunno, it’s a hard program to work with because it’s so glitchy. Sounds like you have a highly capable machine. Mine lappy is about half of what your comp is and I can make movies with very few crashes (sometimes).

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      The biggest issue with Pinnacle is the minimum computer size for lockups.

      they say 1 gig memory – don’t believe it. Go with at least 2 gig
      they say a 128 meg video card – once again use at least 256 and a 512 would even be better.

      Studio take a good sized machine to really work on.
      I had lots of lock ups until I upgraded.
      Lots of luck.

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