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      Hi, I’m Elijah. I’m a self-taught director (self-taught as in watching others and trying to emulate) and a friend of mine and myself during my last semester of college decided why not put together a web series. Each episode is around 5 mins long, so it’s not taking up much of your time. I did not take this task lightly. I really wanted to do my best. Sadly, I know I could have done better, but I guess that’s natural.

      If anything, what I’m most looking for is critique. I know there’s the obvious (i.e. in some episodes the continuity of objects, time of day changing, etc.) but any comments on it would be really helpful.

      Premise: Eric Poole is in love with a girl that already has a boyfriend. The only way he can think of to possibly attract her is to create a pheromone. The problem with messing with chemicals, though, is you can never be sure of the side effects.


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