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       Ok so I am in the market for a New laptop that can handle the massaive amount of HD video footage i am going to throw at it. that has firewire and 3.0 ports. I am stuck on sony. I bought the vaio f1 when it was the new mean thing on the market. Now i am looking at the Vaio f2. I am looking to costomize it with


    • Intel Core i7-2760QM quad-core processor (2.40GHz / 3.50GHz )
    • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bi<span title=”SPEC00090004404″>t</span>
    • 16.4″ 2D LED backlit Full HD display (1920×108<span title=”SPEC00090005240″>0)</span>
    • NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M (1GB) dedicated graphic<span title=”SPEC00090005084″>s</span>
    • Blu-ray Disc playe<span title=”SPEC03000000153″>r</span>
    • 750GB (7200rpm) hard driv<span title=”SPEC03000000838″>e</span>
    • 8GB (4GBx2) DDR3-SDRAM-133<span title=”SPEC00090004326″>3</span>
    • <span title=”SPEC00090004595″>That is what i am wanting to build i am looking at about 1,600.00 for that. Here is my Stuck part I am hearing alot of talk about this new dell computer that is the new faster mean thing out there and it is all the rage. I am stuck on Sony should i get unstuck and get this new mean thing. I am of the typ of people that don’t buy the newest latest hot off the press things i wait until it has been market tested. </span>

      <span title=”SPEC00090004595″>Also is the Vaio f2 that i am wanting to build a good enough system to handle the HD video editing that i am going to be doing. I need to hd video edit and write documents and suerf the web and watch a movie all at the same time. </span>

      <span title=”SPEC00090004595″></span> 

      <span title=”SPEC00090004595″>Melissa</span>

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