strobe/trail effect for kiosk

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      I want a software (to make, buy or find) a software I can use in a
      nonprofit educational demo. It’s a video special effect, a way to make
      kids go “oh cool!” and little more. But, we have a budget

      What we want is to set up a camera and projector in a hallway/passage.
      At regular intervals, or when someone walks past a certain point, the
      camera will capture them walking, freeze framing about every 1/3 second,
      and putting silhouettes of that image on the screen. We want each
      image to stay there, basically creating a trail of “freeze frames”

      Can anyone help? Email, or call 570 237 0124. Thanks!

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      I’d use quartz composer on the mac to create a patch that could do that.

      I don’t know anything about programming in Flash for the pc but I suspect flash could do it.

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