striping underlit footage….questions…

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      Hi I have been in lots of events,and this ballroom footage is baffling.

      I use GZ7 Hd The overhead lights ( flo) were 1/2 off,so its

      RED mainly..the dancers,were not lit,and the only lights

      were POPPING from still cameras.

      I just shot it automatic..since it was crappy lights.

      Now in AVI ( mainly) and in small clips,the footage

      is STRIPING even in change to MPEG format

      When I shot,the zebra was ON.


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      Your first mistake was shooting on ‘auto’. Camera’s are dumb. When you use auto settings, you’re putting the camera in charge of your shoot and it’s going to go with what it knows. In an extreme lighting situation like you mentioned, what it knows wasn’t going to get you usable imagery.

      Now I’m confused as to your word ‘STRIPING’. Are you saying there is striping as in ‘stripes’ visible in your footage or you shot ‘Stripping’? Please clarify.

      Whenever you shoot a staged event, before hand you want to do a standard white balance under ‘white’ lighting. That way the camera sensor won’t change the colored lighting to something else. Oh and Fluorescent lighting is not ‘white’ BTW, it’s green. Next, you’ll need to ‘open up’ on your exposure and more than likely have to set your gain to the highest setting available. Depending on your camera, it’s going to be grainy so be prepared for that. Unless it’s a really well lit stage, zebra’s aren’t going to me much help.

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      Grinner Hester

      Sounds like you were over exposed and it’s dancing to illegal levels.

      What do your scopes show?

      I disagree with composite on the use of auto. I find several uses for it but auto/preset does vary from camera to camera. I do agree that you should have white balanced to white inthis case.

      You mentioned you shot with zebras on. Did you adjust to what they were showing, leaving zebras on only whites (assuming you have them set to 100)? Hard to say without seeing it. Don’t go by a file format though. Bring your raw footage in and watch your scopes in real time.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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