Streaming Video to Client?

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      So, right now our business is using Fetch to send the rough cut videos to the clients for preview, but it is slow and sort of unnecessary for them to actually download the file every time.

      Does anyone know of any other programs/software that I could use to send large file size videos privately from client to client where they could just click a link or something and watch immediately via WMV player, etc?

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      See if You Send It dot com offers a solution. I’ve used for short projects to clients, but have not paid for their annual unlimited plan. I might, however. Not sure yet.

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      How long is the video? If it is 15 minutes or less post it on YouTube and just mark it private; that way only people that have the link can view it.

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      often I’ll just password protect a vimeo file for em. Other times, yousendit works well for all. Depends on what they want.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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