Streaming Playback Issue: Sound won’t play through PC Speakers

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      I am editing videos using Final Cut Pro v6, exporting them with video at 48KHZ, then transcoding them to flash using Squeeze; the audio is uncompressed. For some strange reason, when the videos are viewed on PCs, the sound doesn’t play out of the PC Speaker. It only plays when you connect headphones or external speakers to the headphone jack. I can’t figure out why. One thing I’ve noticed is that when I change the audio panning in FCP to ‘0,’ I get no sound at all. Thanks for your advice.

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      Yeah, that sounds like you didn’t export your video clips out with .WAV audio files. If the PC using Media Player either doesn’t have AIFF selected as playable or it doesn’t have that audio codec then you get nada. If you exported your clip in QT with AIFF files and the PC has QT player on it, it should play uncompressed audio with no prob. BTW, what video format an audio format did you export out to?

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      Does anything else play on your PC speakers? This could possibly be a sound processing problem due to the electricalspecs (e.g. impedance) of your computer’s speakers. Your PC’s speakers may also have been damaged, having an internal problem of their own.

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      I will have to try this next time the issue occurs. @XTR-91, yeah the PC speakers are working. This doesn’t affect all videos that we have posted online, just certain videos recorded on MiniDV with a Canon XL2. We use a lav mic plugged into the front mic jack (1/8″).

      Thanks for the responses. I will followup on this thread at a later date.

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      OK… I don’t believe the problem has to do with the export. I have a sequence in the timeline. It’s video that was recorded on a Canon XL2 on MiniDV tape. This is the video formatting…

      Imported Video Format

      I only hear audio coming out of the left channel. When I open the audio in the preview pane, I see the Pan is set to -1. If I move it to 0, I can’t hear any audio, but I still see levels. This only seems to happen when I record with the XL2 and the lavaliere mic, and the result is that the audio won’t play when I export the file or when I print to video.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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