Strange Handling of m4a Files

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      I have Adobe Premiere Pro (CS 5.5) on an iMac and a MacBook Pro. The iMac has 16 GB RAM, Intel i7 Core. The MBP has 8 GB, Core 2 Duo.

      I put a project–including all media–on an external drive. One of the media files is a 1.1 MB m4a. I connected the drive (via FireWire) to the iMac, and opened the project. Everything ran fine. I then connected the drive to the MBP. Most of the project is OK, but running that one m4a (and its subclips) on the source monitor and the timeline plays a corrupted sound: it seems to skip about half.

      Playing the m4a on other apps, such as iTunes or QuickTime, on either machine, shows no problem. Also no problem, inside Premiere Pro or outside, with other, shorter m4a clips. I converted the m4a to a mov file and imported to Premiere Pro on the MBP; no problem.

      Is there some m4a/Premiere Pro “gotcha” I should know about?

      Any ideas?

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      AvatarJackson Wong


      I haven’t run into the same situation before, but the best answer I can find right away are dependent on which device the media was captured on, this article is saying that if you used a<span>Sony or JVC camcorder or Apple’s iPhone or iPad. Then the m4a files should behave well, any others may have issues. I know it doesn’t explain much, but we’ll keep digging.</span>


      The article refers to .mp4 whose audio files should be .m4a’s


      Hopefully this provides some explanation, but your work-around sounds like perfect, but frustrating since you shouldn’t have to.


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