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      Hey all,

      There isn’ta great place to putthis question,soit kind offitsheresince I’ll be editingthevideo.

      Myparentshave old VHS home movies and wouldlikemeto convert themto DVD forthem. Our VHS playeris breaking (colorgoesinandout,andsometimesthe audio dropsout,and a cleaningtapedidn’t help).I was lookinginto findinganewVHS player, and found one that plays back Pal, Secam, and NTSC 4.43 (from whatIread, the non-broadcast NTSC standard).

      The devicesaysitcan playbackNTSC 3.58tapes, like home movies, but my guess is it mayconvert thesignalto NTSC 4.43? Ifitdoes,do youknowif a standard NTSC device (I was planning on using my VX2000’s analogtodigitalpass through) can accept a 4.43 signal correctly?

      If not,I suppose we’ll justhavetogoto Walmart and pick up a normal VCR,butitwould becoolto have a devicethatcan playback Paland Secam if I run acrossany ofthosetapes (Iknow, I’llneedaconverterto change a Palor Secam signaltoNTSC to playback onour TV).

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