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      I am looking for some help in locating/indentifying inexpensive software for use in creating story boards for my various hobby level projects. Any help would be appreciated.

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      We use an inexpensive 3d program called Poser, which specialises in creating people and animals to create all our storyboard art.

      The great thing about Poser is that it has a library of pre-built characters, so you dont need to waste time building a figure, and also a virtual camera which acts just like a real one. This means you can spend time experimenting with camera angles with out actually picking up a camera.

      You can also animate in Poser so you can use it to visualise moving shots too.

      We sometimes use another relatively inexpensive 3d software called Bryce to generate the backdrops.

      These elements are all composited in Photoshop.

      One final note regarding storyboards, the better the visualisation, the more it motivates our crew and cast, as they can get a good idea of how the final shot/scene will look when edited and it saves time trying to explain a certain shot set-up.

      You can see samples of the storyboards we create at our website.

      Poser can be purchased from
      Bryce can be purchased from

      Hope this helps.

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      Thanks for the information. It looks this will work for my projects.


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      Or you could just draw them.

      No seriously, Poser’s cool and all, but if you suck a drawing and can’t afford the software, take your digital camera on the location scout, snap your shots and Photo-paste characters and arrows and such into the snapshots.
      Of course the style you use depends on the level of professionalism you’re looking for, but keep in mind most films use animatics only after the sketching step.

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      my style is a snapshot/flash grapics with a bit of animation.
      It works well, it’s easy to get the overall concept, it’s quick to put together and you can export it to a flash movie for other to view, or send te original file for other to suggest.

      ANd you can do it all with a digital cam/mobile phone and a trial version of Flash

      Have Fun!

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