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I am a new user of the Canon XF300, and I have some questions regarding storage and editing of the MXF files. When I store on blu-rays, I loose the link to the XF Utility software, is it possible to re-link later, or is it better to not use Utility at all?

So far I have converted files to MOV when editing (in Pr. pro CS4), but then I loose the second sound track, and there is a jump between the clips. Are there ways of converting where this does not happen? Or is it possible to import MXF files into Pr. pro? I am considering using Final Cut X, can I import the MXF directly there, or does it need to happen through XF Utility?

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MXF is a pretty standard wrapper (Avid uses it older Avid uses OMF) you shoudl be able to import into PPro... why not give it a shot and let us know what happens?

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Thank you for reply. I have tried to import, but the PPro did not accept the format. I don't know if PPro CS5 can cope, but in the CS4 it does not function - unless there are tricks which I am unfamiliar with...

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At MFP we use Canon XF100's that use the same MXF file format\wrapper. We load them right into Premier Pro CS5.5 with no issues and everything is where it's supposed to me - no converting before hand; just drag and drop on timeline.

We load the clips into the PPCS5.5 project and use the preset Canon XF format sequence settings.

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thank you, that sounds promising. I assume there will be no problem editing in FCPX either then.

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To edit MXF files in FCP, you will need to convert the format first because FCP has no native support for MXF format. To convert MXF files, Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac is a good choice. It could convert MXF to Apple ProRes mov for importing into FCP with high quality and perfect video/audio synchronization.

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try to convert your mxf files into proper format then reload them again