Stolen Ipod?

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      Hey guys…i know this question has absolutely nothing to do with video making, but since i am posting at the VM Coffee House, i think i am good… =D

      Anyways, Some guy in my High School stole my ipod touch, and i am going to tell the police officer guy in my school… But the problem is that even if they find my ipod, i have to have prove that it is mine. I was thinking i could tell them all the song and apps and images that i had, but the guy probably reseted and deleted everything in it. So, how can i prove that my ipod touch is actuelly mine? And no, i don’t have a receipt (I bought it 2-3 years ago… =P)

      I will be forever in debt with whoever helps me… Thanks guys!

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      Three things come to mind.

      Do you know the serial number?

      Do you have an engraving on the back?

      Or the Wifi Address (MAC Address). You may be able to find it if you look at your wireless router at home. This is a number that cannot change, and likely would be recorded by your router when it was in use.

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      Definitely serial number, sales receipt would be the clincher and had you engraved your name inside the battery compartment (or written it in permanent ink) would have also been a clincher. Without any of that other stuff your last option is the suggestion Evan gave you.

      Without lecturing you, let this be a lesson to you (albeit an expensive one!) Particularly since you mentioned in another post that you’re interested in getting into this business, keeping things like serial numbers, sales receipts and marking equipment with personal or company identification is something you’d better get used to doing. Not just in case of theft, but what if someone accused you of stealing the item or what if you need to return the item for repair, replacement or refund? Without any of that documentation you’ve got squat.

      Also, if you don’t want your gear stolen (without the assistance of a firearm or government agency), you have to keep a ‘positive lock’ on it at all times (i.e. within reach, eyeshot or locked up securely.) If you don’t start learning how to do this stuff now, you’ll be ‘singin’ the blues’ over lost gear for years to come.

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      There’s always still the change that the stealer didn’t reset/format the internal memory. I’m not very familiar with iPod Touches, but there’s probably a personalizing (color) scheme and certain types of apps you could use. Serial numbers, markings, and engravings are also handy to have.

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      The serial number for the unit may alsoreside in your Itunes software.

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      Hey guys!

      Thanks for all comments!

      Well, the icouldn’tengrave my ipod because i bought it on a sale, but after i messed around with itunes, i finally found my serial number. =D

      Composite 1, i usually do take these preucations that you told me, but they are a bit difficult with the ipod touch. It is like impossible to write on it, and there is no way to open the battery compartment. Also, they are a bit too big, and it is kinda difficult to keep them out of sight of others. But i did have a password on my itouch, but i was kinda afraid that the guy who stole my ipod hacked it and somehow reseted the ipod, deleting the password. But now, (hopefully) i am going to get my ipod back tomorrow, and with the serial nuymber, i can prove that it is actually mine. =D


      You are allawesome!

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      My cat has a chip maybe ipods should chips for recovery πŸ™‚

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      read up on find my iphone, won’t help much with the ipod, but sure seems like apple could do something to locate the stolen ipods if they wanted to…

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      Wow…that post was sooo old =D

      Well, luckly, i did get my ipod back. The guy who stole only got suspension (The ultimate punishment for thieves…), but after he started threatning me, he got in trouble with the police…

      Well, thanks for the help yall!


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      The ultimate punishment… “Take a day off!” that’ll show him!

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      Talk about slap on the wrists. At least he continued and got in trouble with the police.

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