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      We are a small production company breaking into the documentary field.

      Question: What are the BEST companies with the BEST quality stock footage (royalty FREE) on DVD? Note: We are looking to only spend a couple hundred dollars. Note: The stock footage must have a multitude of clips from various subjects (science, math, art, etc). It should also include special effects and people. Note: We require the stock footage for right now in DV quality NOT HD.

      Thanks for your help everyone!

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      For the BEST stock footage, you could spend a couple of hundred dollars on one clip.

      There are very good libraries available however for reasonable prices.

      Digital Juice has their VideoTrax 2 HD library on sale this month for $199 –

      There’s also which has decent footage and all they ask for is about $9 a disc for shipping/handling.

      You could also look at which is a user community based clearing house for stock footage.

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      You can also catch sales at They often sell SF DVD’s in SD & HD for $8. Supposedly, it’s free and you just ‘pay for shipping’. But it doesn’t cost $8 to ship one DVD in the continental US. However, $8 bucks is cheap. Footage is pretty good too. You’ll end up getting stuff from multiple sources. Oh and Artbeats has some of the best stuff out there, just be prepared to pay for it.

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      Digital Juice just put a limited number of their original VideoTraxx SD stock libraries on sale for $90 each (a real steal) –

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