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      Hi guys, I’m looking for a reasonably priced stock footage website for my documentary. I’ve checked out artbeats, istock, pond5, etc. but these sites are really expensive and are just killing my budget. Is there any other stock footage websites out there with HD footage for a resonable price?

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      Try shutterstock or footage firm they are not to bad sometimes footage firm gives away dvds for s&h 8 dollars or close to that perhaps they will have what you are looking for

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      Digital Juice is having a sale on their HD VideoTraxx library today – It’s going for $250 – You can check it out here:

      Other than that – Footage firm ( stuff is priced right and it is pretty usable stuff.

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      I launched a website that has been received very well in the stock footage community. Unlimited downloads for a low price! Check it out:

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      The upcoming December 2010 issue of Videomaker magazine will have stock footage buyer’s guide.

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      I also have a website that gives away free stock footage every week and there are some awesome deals on stock footage! at least a 4th of the price as most stock footage sites!


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      Inactive has a lot of stock footage, AE templates, music, etc. also has a lot but it’s a bit more pricey.

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      Yeah! istock is usually really expensive! I like to stick with Pond5 You can find some really great stuff for super cheap!

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      What does it mean reasonably priced stock footage in the video producer mind?. I seen that Pond5 has footage from all price range, but if you are looking for something specific, rare and in the best quality the price are usually pretty high. The best quality footage I seen are from Artbeats (they have RED footage), but they are very expensive. Personally I find that a price range from $10 to $150 is decent (for HD footage). What price range do you believe an average video producer find accessible?

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      Footage Firm hasan assortment of music, SD a Hd footage reasonably priced. They usually have a group of their DVDsdiscounted to the cost of S&H (about $9). If you look at their selection of discounted discs, you might get lucky and find something that fits your immediate needs.

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      Inactive has HD clips for as low as $10 although I’ve found most of the quality footage to be between $25 and $40. They also have a lot of great music cuts, backgrounds, etc. This is one of my favorite resources and I use them pretty regularly.

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      Inactive – motion graphics stock, prices from $29. You can order customization of your motion graphics directly from the author!

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