Stills Shake, Audio Skips

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      I just finished my masterpiece wedding. Its 1.5 hours in length.

      It was shot with a Cannon XL2 (some amazing footage), edited in Premiere Pro 2.0, then imported to Encore 2.0 for chapters, etc.

      At the beginning of the show, there are about 30 stills with cross dissolves through them. All the stills were pulled from the timeline. About half those stills stutter making the subject look like they are either very nervous or have Parkinsons.

      The rest is stunning but this really detracts from the project (also a couple of audio skips one during the Grooms speech)

      Of course it played back fine during Preview on the PC.

      Would "deinterlacing" the stills have anything to do with it? Also, if they need deinterlacing, would this be in Premiere, as it was just one big timeline in Encore. There were no stills in Encore.

      And, if thats the case, does that mean the entire Encore project would have to be started over because it would be a new import into Encore?

      Any ideas?

      Software: Premiere Pro 2.0 and Encore DVD 2.0

      Computer is AMD 64/4200 2.21Ghz, 2GBram, the storage drives are RAIDed, burner is LG 16x dual layer and media was RiData -R

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      Thanks for the quick reply! Thats a lot simpler than the Adobe solution.

      There is also an option for interlacing consecutive frames. Whats the difference between interlacing and de-interlacing?

      I forgot to mention mine is a dual core. Some people tell me that it doesnt make much difference in rendering anyway, mostly for multitasking.

      Can Audio be interlaced or de-interlaced as well?

      I take it, this should be done to each still?

      And within Premiere that means re-save the project, the re-export to Encore, then replaced the timeline? Will deleting the old timeline In Encore mean starting the Encore project from scratch?

      No chance this is a disk issue?


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      IT WORKED!!

      You Sir are a genius!

      I went through all the 30 something stills, right clicked, de-interlaced and de-flickered, re-wrote the show over the original so there wouldnt be any confusion, then used the replace asset in Encore Encore said that asset already existed in the project so I shut both programs off, change the name of the asset and re-imported over the original and wella! Burned it and the pics are ROCK SOLID!!

      In retrospect, I realized that I could have even created a new sequence in Premiere of the problem stills only, then exported only that sequence then imported it separately into Encore which would have saved some time but heck it was all very enlightening!

      In future, is there a better way to import stills into Premiere? E.g. save them to a file, then de-interlace all at once (and de-flicker) as a batch?

      Thanks again for your expertise and quick response!

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