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      Hi all… great forum! πŸ˜€

      I am having a bit of a problem using Premiere Pro to add movement to still images. Whether using the titler to scroll the image (as a logo) or using the “Move” property in the Effects Control window, the image will flicker badly and look absolutely terrible. It doesn’t seem to matter if I move the image up, down, side to side, fast or slow. Have tried several pictures with different resolutions and it’s the same problem.

      The pictures are sharp and clear to start out with and return to that state once the movement stops.

      Oddly enough, I can use the Scale property to zoom all the way in and out with no problems.

      I do not have the same problem with video clips… they seem to move fluently with little or no interleave artifacts.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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      Hi! How are you making the image move? Are you using keyframes? Also, are you just looking at the preview or have you rendered/exported a full quality clip? And, sorry to answer your question with more, do you have after effects?

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      Thanks for the response, Endeavor… No problem at all asking more questions πŸ˜€

      Yes, I’m using keyframes within the “Motion” effect property of the clip using the Position and Scale parameters in one instance.

      In the other instance, I’m using Premiere’s title designer with the “Roll” option on and have a picture inserted as a “logo”.

      Fairly simple stuff … in theory, anyway.

      In both cases, the pictures flicker/flutter…. and not just a little bit…. when viewed in the preview window and after exporting to an AVI.

      Although I’ve tried pictures of different resolutions.. perhaps I should try resizing them to a smaller resolution / file size. The pictures are high-quality and have file sizes from 500K to over a meg. Am I answering my own question? πŸ˜› Perhaps these pic files just have more information than Premiere can handle while moving? Just a theory… probably wrong. Will experiment with that anyway.

      Yes, I do have After Effects. However, I haven’t gotten into it much so I’m not very familiar with it and what it can do. Hope to have time in the very near future to explore the possibilities with it. But, I’m stilll in the learning stages with Premiere and don’t want to overwhelm myself.

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      Just a thought – I am using 6.5, and there is an option in the settings to Optimize Stills. I’ve had some flickering on images on the export if this was not checked.

      Tim P.

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      Thanks, Tim… Using Premiere Pro v7.0. Found that setting in the Video Rendering options… it was already checked. So… unchecked it just for the heck of it. Same results. Oh well, lol… worth a shot.

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      Hmmmm. I wish I had an answer for you but I really have no idea why it would do that without actually seeing it. I have moved images many times in different formats, resolutions etc. and it always comes out perfect (as it should). After Effects can seem overwhelming at first and it does take time to get used to it. Once you do, though, you will use it all the time! Once you get the basic idea of how it works, you can do anything in the world you want since the same principles work throughout the entire program. In fact, if you’ve used keyframes in Premiere, After Effects is actually easier to use ketframes in. Way more control. Sorry to ramble. I love AE.

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      Thank you very much, Endeavor. Visited your web site…. very, very nicely done and highly professional! Wish I could siphon your brain for your video knowledge, lol. But, even when encountering these problems, I’m having loads of fun. And if I can make some money at it at some point… so much the better.

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      Exactly! And thanks for the compliments. If you have fun doing it, you’re already ahead of the crowd. I’ve seen alot of videographers that dont seem to enjoy what they do (makes no sense to me). The result is a product done halfway because they want to as little work possible for as much money as possible. I personally love this so much that I will go out of may way to do extra stuff for clients just because I love it! That limo ride video was an example of that. The client hadn’t paid for it but since I had the chance I did it anyway! What fun! I can tell you are with me as far as having a passion for this business. People will see that in you and your work. That’s where you will stand above the other guys.

      And BTW, keep messing around with the software. Soon it will just click and a door will open to all kinds of crazy new stuff! You really can do just about anything you want so just decide what you want to do then find out how to do it! The help menus are actually a good source of info too! The way I learn new things is I pick something I want to do. An effect, a project or something like that. Then I find out how to make it happen.

      Good luck!

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      You may have gotten past this already, but if not…

      In PPro 1.5, right click on the image in the timeline and choose Field Options. Select Flicker Removal and hit OK. If that doesn’t work, I agree with your thought about resizing them.

      What type of file are you using for the images? Good luck!

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      I never thought of flicker removal! Good point. In fact, I haven’t used it for that but I never actually had any flicker problems. Strange.

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      Thanks Morty!! Will give that a try. Sorry it took me so long to respond… been very hectic around here the last couple of days.

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      OK… Tried the flicker removal option…. seems to help in the preview window but not on the exported AVI. Hmmmm…. πŸ˜•

      So…. finally had some time to play around with resolution. I drastically reduced the resolution on the pic using picture sizer software and IT WORKED (!) πŸ˜€ There is still a very slight flicker…. but definitely usable.

      I really appreciate you both taking the time to respond. Thank you very much!!

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      For real high end zoom and pan on still images check out for their MovingPicture. I am using it an it works great with most NLE packages. They accept still images to 8000 x 8000 pixels.

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      OK, I have been having the same problem and this is was fixed it. You need to scale down the size and resolution of the photos (unfortunately) using photoshop or a photo editor. I dropped mine down to 72dpi and either 720 width or 480 height depending on the picture (keeping original aspect ratio). Is it a vertical or horizontal picture? That will determine which size you go with. Doing this to all the photos that I zoomed in on turned out to have no to little flickering. Give it a try an post your results.

      I also use the flicker remover in my editor and my DVD authoring software but this never helped before scaling down the resolution of my photos. My theroy is that the compression is just too much for the standard editing software.

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      1.Select a clip in the Timeline panel, and move the current-time indicator to a location of a frame within the clip. Ensure that the Uniform Scale check box of the Motion effect is deselected.
      2.Do one of the following:
      β€’ (Lighting Effects only) Apply the Lighting Effects to the clip and then click the Transform icon next to Lighting Effects in the Effect Controls panel.
      β€’ (Motion effect only) Click the clip in the Program Monitor or click the Transform icon next to Motion in the Effect Controls panel.
      3.In the Program Monitor, do any of the following:
      β€’ To position a clip or lighting effect, click in the clip or effect outline and drag to reposition it. Don’t drag a handle to reposition the clip or lighting effect.
      β€’ To scale freely, drag a corner handle.
      β€’ To scale along one dimension only, drag a side (not a corner) handle.
      β€’ To scale proportionally, Shift-drag a corner handle. |

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